Hello !
This domain is not for sale.
We plan to develop our own idea in future.

In case if you are interested,
We are ok to rent/lease our premium domain for a period of 5 Years (to a maximum 10 years extension).
This is considered only if you have a good reputation and you use the domain in good faith without ruining the reputation and you have enough capital to maintain your business.

You can build a successful company and rebrand yourself later once you are successful and our partnership ends.
We will give you reasonable amount of time to switch to your new brand identity.
Extension of the contract may consider depending on the situation at that time and the social goodwill of the brand achieved.

Also, You are not allowed to register a trademark or purchase similar brand identity without our consent in your name or with anyone related towards you or your company. We currently have the trademark and an existing business in our home country. We can associate with you and buy the brand name of similar domain names and license it to you for a very reasonable rate of purchase price. We will thus do the brand identity protection.

If you are interested kindly email to branding828@gmail.com with your project plan, capital and your offer.


Best Wishes ☺️👍

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